10 most intimidating stadiums

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“The Buckeye Bounce” is a crowd favorite and the marching band dotting the “i” has become a tradition at The Ohio State University.The popular “OH, IO” chant still makes its way around the stadium and as my good friend once said, “You can yell ‘OH’ anywhere in the world and you’re guaranteed to get an ‘IO’ back from somebody.” The NCAA’s own version of The 12th Man fills Kyle Field to the brim every Saturday.Many forget it’s also the home of the UCLA Bruins who, under head coach Jim Mora Jr., are making a serious return story in college football.Exciting new players like Brett Hundley and Myles Jack are filling seats and before long, UCLA fans will make the Rose Bowl one of the toughest places to play.Athens is renowned for its pregame tailgates on Saturdays and the consistently filled stadium at kickoff.

Rose Bowl, UCLA The Rose Bowl is once of the most distinguished stadiums on Earth having staged Olympics, World Cups, Super Bowls and concerts.

Deemed “Between the Hedges” for the bold green hedges that surround the field, Sanford Stadium is one of the most popular stadiums in college football.

Located in the heart of UGA campus, Sanford is also famous as the walking grounds of Georgia’s famous mascot UGA.

Visiting team fans probably won’t recall the gigantic stadium or the sea of orange, but instead the continuous chanting of the Tennessee favorite “Rocky Top.” The song is played enough to drive any non-Volunteer mad and I have no doubt the visiting team’s ball players want to stay as far away from Neyland Stadium as possible.

Autzen’s capacity is just over 50,000 but on the field it feels as full as the biggest venues in the NCAA.

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Part of the Crimson Tide’s success can be shared with the fans as the loyal bunch are as loud and proud as they come, especially when playing at Bryant-Denny Stadium.

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