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Chesterton' 'Modern Munitions of War: Guns and Propellants by Professor Vivian B. Jam Tin Grenades as Missiles in a Sham Fight' Double page drawn By Frederic Villiers, "Our Special Artist in the Western Theatre of War" In Gallipoli - 'A Height on the Coast Officially Renamed to Commemorate Indian Heroism: Gurkha Bluff' In Gallipoli - 'Preparing The Daily Ammunition Bread Ration for the Troops: At The Camp Bake Houses Just Before The Hour For Delivery' In Gallipoli - 'The Quarters of The Assailants of Gurkha Bluff: The Regimental Dug Outs of the 6th Gurkha Rifles' In Gallipoli - '..."High Street, Lancaster Terrace": A Typical Army Sand Bag House Constructed in Rear of the British Lines' Ready For Shells and Submarines: Life at the Dardanelles - 'Underground!

Brocklehurst Pilkington, Manchester Regiment' - - - 'Captain H. Bryant DSO., Shropshire Light Infantry' - - - 'Lieut.

Shuttleworth, 110th Mahrattas (attd 9th Warwicks) - - - 2nd Lieut. Poincare ' 'The Party Leaving a French Chateau: King Albert With President Poincare - General Joffre ' ' General Joffre - M. Poincare ' ' General Joffre Talking to King Albert ' ' King Albert and General Joffre Chatting With the Foreign Attaches at a Review: a Group including Representatives of the Russian, Serbian, Japanese and Italian Armies ' ' German Scientific Thoroughness Applied to the Construction and rotection of Their Extraordinarily Deep Trenches: Various Obstacles The Allies Infantry Have to Surmount in Attacking ' Full page diagram 'Reverting To One of the Most Primitive Methods of war in the Days of Modern Artillery: An Austrian Device for Rolling Rocks and Boulders Down The Mountains on to Italian Troops ' in the Alps.

Gwyer, Welsh Regt' 'The Belgian Army Takes to British Sports: An Inter Regimental Football Match at The Front' 'An Interesting Motor Cycle Meet in the Midlands: Harley Davidsons at Shakespeare's Birthplace' Fashion 'A Picturesque Frock of Pink Organdi and White Ninon' not colour 'Urodonal Dissolves Uric Acid' Advert And more adverts of The Day Also various articles including: 'Scenes of War: Ruins by Arnold Bennett ' 'Science Jottings, - Bison 'Sir Charles Tupper' 'The Chronicle of the Car' 'Ladies Page by Filomena ' The Belgian Monarch Decorating a Distinguished French Commander: King Albert Conferring Honour Upon General D'Urbal ' ' Saluting The Flags - A Group Including General Joffre - King Albert and M.

A wonderful double page Storming of the Gallipoli Cliffs: 'Australian and New Zealand Bayonets Clearing the Way at Gaba Tepe, The Heroic Dash Which Made Good The Armys Footing' - - - 'Where The Defeated Turks Were Driven Headlong, The Steep Gorge Down which The Defenders of The Beach Finally Fled' Dead on The Field of Honour: Officers Killed in Action - '2nd Lt O.

Hepburn, Manchester Regt' Dead on The Field of Honour: Officers Killed in Action - 'Capt E.

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Price "Our Special Artist With The Italian Army 'French Trench Guns: Crapouillot - Taupia and Arbalist ' full page of three photographs 'Air Torpedoes and Air Mines; And The Weapons That Fire Them - 58mm Trench Gun - - - A Magazine of Air Torpedoes - - - An 80mm Mountain Gun' full page of three photographs 'Homes and Their Names at The Front: Near The Firing Line' 'Th German Idol: An Invader of Russia - Marshall Von Hindenburg' full page photograph with facsimilie signature and message "May The Spirit of 1914/15 Remain With Us!