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On 1on1you find 24 hours a day, 7 days a week real live 1on1 webcam sex in the best possible HD quality.From young to old girls and slim black girls to thick grandmothers."Try this app, at has some features that may or may not make it into Hangouts" is not a great sell for my friends. If Google can show that you can Duo anyone and it works as well, then they may switch, perhaps even to their very own Nexus devices. Photo sharing, video sharing, voice calls, video calls ... The lack of desktop interface didnt feel like losing something becasue it was never there to start with.given Google's history, I don't trust them to do a decent UI that works for everyone or the longevity.True, but with Android's market share, it's pretty compelling to be able to do a "Face Time" with anyone. I'm not sure I personally like this app because I'm on Android and I used to have an excuse to not Face Time friends and family, haha. True, but with Android's market share, it's pretty compelling to be able to do a "Face Time" with anyone. Yahoo was turning away from search and towards portals.You can not think of it as crazy or 1on1you find them behind their webcams.

This is a pretty chronic Google problem that I noticed both from the inside and outside: their engineering and design talent are incredible, but the people responsible for the product and marketing side are evidently really, really bad at what they do.

I don't understand why they need to have different apps doing the same thing.

I am on the same boat as you, using Hangouts for video calls quite frequently. I know these will be preinstalled on Android, but many friends and family use i OS and I will feel silly asking them to install Duo and Allo. They are squandering the small amount of momentum Hangouts has.

I think it would be better if "Duo" was just integrated into hangouts as an update.

I like hangouts because it allows me to use one app for voice, text and video. Sure it's overdue, but they sold over 1.4B devices without it.

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That's a massive network-effects advantage that they had ages before anyone else did (including Facebook, but Facebook's network did surpass them with the ability to find someone by their face).