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As I said in my book, Shouting Won't Help, the term "deaf" is politically incorrect for someone like me, but I still like to use it. But even some advocacy organizations use "disabled." The newspaper Able describes itself as a newspaper "positively for, by and about the Disabled." Disabled American Veterans has held onto its name despite the turn in fashion.But consider that the act that protects people with disabilities is called the Americans With Disabilities Act, not the Disabled Americans Act.I don't think many people would say, "I am a person with hearing loss." You might say, "I have a hearing loss," or, as I often do, "I have a hearing impairment." However, a number of national organizations have chosen to shift away from using hearing loss altogether in favor of more positive language.The Hearing Association of New Zealand began as the League for Hard of Hearing.Using our deaf video chat, deaf and hearing singles can communicate effectively.Recently, the headline for one of my columns used the term "the hearing impaired" to refer to people with hearing loss.

" On the other hand, many hearing-health professionals blithely and frequently use the term "hearing impaired." And people with vision loss routinely use the term "vision impaired." Go figure. The only term that seems to be accepted by everyone is "people with hearing loss." There are two problems with that phrase: It's cumbersome and it has no easy singular.Chinese girls are considered to have some special characteristics that western women do not have, so more and more foreigners hope to marry a Chinese woman.Luckily, the Internet has brought a new way for people to meet Chinese girls, people can find millions of singles through online dating sites.The point, advises the disability advocacy group Mobility International USA, is to "put people first." The group urges using positive language that avoids referring to people with disabilities as "the disabled, the blind, the epileptics, a quadriplegic," etc."It is fine to say 'person with a disability,' but terms like 'challenged' and 'the disabled' have fallen out of favor." When in doubt about what term to use, ask.

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For the same reason, many people with diabetes don't want to be called "diabetics." The emails we received from those unhappy with the headline touched on this and other points.

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