5 dating lessons learned my sisters dating courtship islam

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5 dating lessons learned my sisters

I would tell myself that I need to be more open minded and give people a chance, but eventually, no matter how hard I’d try, I’d come to the realization that my initial gut feeling was right.

This ability to switch off my mind and listen to my gut is a life lesson that has helped me immensely ever since.

The funny thing about online dating is that sometimes it can go really well and at other times go really badly, without any apparent reasoning or logic at all.

Personally I’ve tried out online dating for a couple of years now and I’ve had experiences both good and bad.

My most valuable take-away from the entire experience has been the following five life lessons that I would like to share with you. The great thing about online dating is that it lets you approach so many potential love interests in such a short span of time.

One of the biggest life lessons that I learned through my adventures with online dating was to always trust my gut; regardless of what my mind tells me.

For example, there were a few instances when I was talking to people who I thought seemed like a good match, but instinctively I felt I wasn’t really going to be attracted to in the long time.

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The flipside to this, however, is that you quickly learn that for every favorable response you get you have to go through about ten times as many rejections; sometimes even more. After a few hundred attempts at connecting with complete strangers, a handful of successes and a whole load of rejections, I started to learn that rejection really isn’t all that bad.