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Even Eichler, a parent herself, says, "I understood that employees who take parental leave the team with an additional workload -- a lose-lose proposition for this particular employee." But why? In every job I've ever worked, people are hired to come on to take over that extra work load while a parent, sometimes, though admittedly less often a father, takes parental leave.If there is a burden on a team with a parent taking leave, then the issue is with management not the person taking leave.In fact, we both completely agree that caring for our kids is a 50/50 role, and that includes everything from bedtime to discipline to staying home with a sick child.A recent article in in the UK feel they work harder than people with children."Employees with kids often get preference when it comes to flexible schedules, greater understanding when it comes to having to leave early and come in late, and the unspoken acceptance of kid-related events being more important than anything that non-parents are doing," said Aimee Fahey, a recruiting consultant and career coach, who does not have children.But if I'm late because my kid's school bus is cancelled or leave early because my child is sick, what is the non-parent equivalent where there would be judgment? The difference is that, yes, parents have more reasons that this might happen.

People, the author of this column included, need to stop putting the onus and crux of workplace issues at the feet of women.

Better I'm allowed to work from home when my child is sick than call in claiming I'm sick and leaving everyone hanging and burdened with my work load. The issue is a lack of mutual respect and understanding and the finger pointing at mothers.

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Why does Eichler start and Fahey continue with this anti-woman anti-mom heavy argument against the issue of work place flexibility?