Accommodating guests at home arianeb dating game

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Accommodating guests at home

The wall sconce over the bed allows guests to read in bed without having to get up.

A chair in the room gives your guests a place to kick off their shoes and relax.

A potted plant brightens the room, and a small night table with drawers gives your guests a place to store personal belongings.

What are some of your tips for hosting overnight guests in a small space?

Remember that the common area is their bedroom; be sure they aren't struggling to stay awake while waiting for everyone to clear out so they can go to sleep. Let the house get messy, be okay with losing a little bit of privacy (and possibly sleep) — put some of your daily routines on the back burner while guests are there.

Be considerate of their privacy, schedule, and space — even if that means having to turn in early because they are ready for bed. Making a living area into a guest room can be tricky, but think of the few things that make a bedroom convenient and cozy — a lamp next to the sleeping area, a place to plug in cell phones and laptops, and a set of extra pillows, towels, and quilts close at hand. Trying to keep everything going as normal while trying to entertain guests can be very frustrating — keep the things that keep you sane (your morning run, or nightly glass of wine) and let everything else go temporarily.

Yes, that's six adults and three dogs — and we all survived!

It can be a challenge to host more people than your guest room can handle.

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For a great list of futon and daybed resources, check out this recent post on Apartment Therapy. I even travel with mine when I'm staying with my best friend who lives in a one bedroom apartment — I don't want her to fret about where I'll sleep, and it's almost like being able to take my own bed with me. Try to have a clear place for your guests to stow their luggage.