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Accommodating travel

"They'll talk to their friends and come back and stay longer."As far back as 2003, William Frye, a Niagara University associate professor in the College of Hospitality and Tourism Management, estimated that a 300-room hotel could realize an additional 0,000 to 0,000 in room revenues per year based on pet-friendly policies."It is still an economically important issue and some hotels, such as Best Western, Starwood Hotels and some Super 8s have embraced accommodating pets," Frye said by email.

Such moves are increasingly common across the industry.

Hotels have wised up to the fact that guests want to travel with their dogs...

Indianapolis brewery Flat 12 Bierwerks not only allowed dogs on its patio last summer, it created a non-alcoholic beer for dogs made with meat trimmings.

In February, it said pets could ride on most of its long-distance trains for up to seven hours.

Amtrak spokesman Matt Hardison said the train line was concerned that travelers might sneak their pets out of carriers or run into hygiene issues.

She hopes relaxed policies like Amtrak's will allow others to enjoy the sort of travel that she and her husband do."For us, primarily the hiking has been completely different," she said.

"We'll go for a good half-day hike — as dogs get older we have to slim that back — but we've found amazing hikes. We were having fun, the dogs were having fun, and by the time we looked at the map, we'd gone 5 miles and still had to walk back."What would have happened without the dogs?

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Noting that "some 200 animals have accompanied passengers without a single complaint or incident," the program was made permanent a year later.

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