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Children with ASC show deficits in recognition of complex emotions and mental states from both facial and vocal expressions.The CAM-C may be a useful test for endophenotypic studies of ASC and is one of the first to use dynamic stimuli as an assay to reveal the ER profile in ASC.Most ER studies carried out with individuals with ASC have focused on the recognition of six emotions (happiness, sadness, fear, anger, surprise and disgust).These so-called ‘basic’ emotions are expressed and recognized cross-culturally [ emotions and other mental states by children with ASC have shown more conclusive results.These camera images allow you to watch salmon develop throughout the winter.

Learn more about how to estimate the rate of salmon development and how teachers use incubating salmon to teach lessons in natural history and math.They start to develop vertical bars (parr marks) that will help them blend with their surroundings." Laying Eggs The female salmon lays her eggs in a gravel bed that she has made with sweeping motions of her tail.After the male salmon has fertilized the eggs, she covers the nest with clean gravel to protect them." Death Salmon die shortly after spawning.The current study focuses on recognition of complex emotions to fill a gap in the existing literature and to provide a new test of complex ER using dynamic stimuli.Among adults with ASC, there is growing evidence for difficulties in the recognition of complex emotions or subtle versions of basic emotions [] have tended to include only a narrow range of complex emotions.

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In this study, we present such a battery: ‘The Cambridge Mindreading Face-Voice Battery for Children’ (or the CAM-C).

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