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Adult artificial intelligence chatting on the internet

” Following is a selection from the hundreds of written responses survey participants shared when answering this question.

The selected statements are grouped under headings that indicate the major themes emerging from these responses.

Overall, our ability to connect, share and exchange information with other human beings is a strong net positive for humanity.” Teens expert boyd says adults have to recognize the need for young people to explore the world widely and build future skills.

Technology by 2020 will enable the youth to ignore political limitations, including country borders, and especially ignore time and distance as an inhibitor to communications.

There will be heads-up displays in automobiles, electronic executive assistants, and cloud-based services they can access worldwide simply by walking near a portal and engaging with the required method such as an encrypted proximity reader (surely it will not be a keyboard).

“It seems easy to decry the attention span of the young and to mourn the attendant loss of long form content—who will watch Citizen Kane with rapt attention when your Android tells you Rosebud was a sled?

On consideration, though, the internet has brought forward not only education, but thinking.

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“They take a quick glance at it and sort it and/or tag it for future reference if it might be of interest.” Cathy Cavanaugh, an associate professor of educational technology at the University of Florida, noted, “Throughout human history, human brains have elastically responded to changes in environments, society, and technology by ‘rewiring’ themselves.

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