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Adult dating effingham il

Once a petition has been filed with the Circuit Clerk, the clerks will: give the file a case number; send the individual filing the petition into a courtroom immediately; and prepare the forms for the Sheriff Once an Order of Protection is issued by a judge, the order is maintained by the Circuit Clerks Office.This process may take two to three hours to complete.HARASSMENT Harassment means knowing conduct which is not necessary to accomplish a purpose that is reasonable under the circumstances, would cause a reasonable person emotional distress, and does cause emotional distress to the petitioner.Unless the presumption is rebutted by a preponderance of the evidence, the following types of conduct shall be presumed to cause emotional distress:a) creating a disturbance at petitioners place of employment or school;b) repeatedly telephoning petitioners place of employment, home or residence;c) repeatedly following petitioner about in a public place or places;d) repeatedly keeping petitioner under surveillance by remaining present outside his or her home, school, place of employment, vehicle or other place occupied by petitioner or by peering in petitioners windows;e) repeatedly threatening to improperly remove a child of petitioners from the jurisdiction, improperly concealing that child from petitioner or making a single such threat following an actual or attempted improper removal or concealment;f) improperly concealing a minor child from petitioner, repeatedly threatening to improperly remove a minor child of petitioner from the jurisdiction or from the physical care of petitioner, repeatedly threatening to conceal a minor child from petitioner, or making a single such threat following an actual or attempted improper removal or concealment, unless respondent was fleeing an incident or pattern of domestic violence; org) threatening physical force, confinement or restraint on one or more occasions.In order to obtain an Emergency Order of Protection, you must appear before a Judge for a hearing to establish that abuse has occurred and that further abuse is likely to occur again if the abuser were given prior notice of the filing of your case.If, after the hearing for an Emergency Order, the Judge finds an Emergency Order is necessary, it will be entered upon the conclusion of your hearing.

The incident(s) must involve an offender who is a family or household member, someone with whom you live or have lived with, or someone else who fits with the statutory definition and must be in the nature of actual physical abuse, threat of harm or harassment.Depending on your individual situation, the judge may also issue orders granting temporary maintenance, child support, child custody, and possession of your home.An Emergency Order of Protection may be in effect for up to 21 days, an Interim Order of Protection for up to 30 days and a Plenary (Final) Order of Protection for up to 2 years.IF YOU ARE THE VICTIM OF DOMESTIC ABUSE, OR BELIEVE YOURSELF AT RISK If you believe yourself to be in need of protection and the offender is either a family or household member, someone with whom you live or have lived with, or someone else who fits the STATUTORY DEFINITION you may qualify to file a Petition for an Order of Protection.You do not have to have an attorney in order to file an Order of Protection case, but you will need to file the necessary paperwork with the Circuit Clerk's office prior to coming to court.

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PHYSICAL ABUSE Physical abuse includes sexual abuse and means any of the following:a) knowing or reckless use of physical force, confinement, or restraint; orb) knowing, repeated and unnecessary sleep deprivation; orc) knowing or reckless conduct which creates an immediate risk of physical harm.