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Airtel kannada sex

Google, the popular search giant (founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin), turned 18 on September 27, 2016.

To mark the birthday celebrations, the company, at the second edition of its signature event Google for India 2016, unveiled a slew of new products tailor-made for the Indian market including rural.

In terms of impact, bumper ads, which drive incremental reach and True View which drives app downloads are to be credited for an 8 per cent surge in total app downloads attributed to You Tube.

He also said that True View for Action, a feature meant for advertisers which will optimise action for brands, will soon be launched.

As part of the transition, the brand collaborated with actor Sonam Kapoor, its brand ambassador, for Phase 1 of shooting the Shine song while in Phase 2, You Tube creators were brought on board along with beauty bloggers to shoot the same song whose underlying agenda was #Smile To Impress.

You Tube: Choice and acceptability Satya Raghavan, head of entertainment content, India, You Tube, said, "You Tube is all about choice to viewers and acceptability to advertisers." He went on to list three factors which bring people to You Tube - intent, viewability and impact.

A few months ago, we rolled out Smart Offline, a feature that allows you to schedule videos to be saved offline later at off-peak times when there's more bandwidth so data is faster and cheaper.

But, we realised that for the next generation of You Tube users to fully discover all that You Tube has to offer, we had to re-imagine the You Tube mobile app from the ground up," said Wright.

The afternoon session of the event comprised two sessions - one for marketers and another for entrepreneurs.

The new preview function in You Tube Go shows you what to expect before choosing to save or play the video, and in which resolution.

You can also share videos with friends nearby, without using any data.

As for viewability, the opportunity for the ads to be seen by the consumer is the simplest definition of the term.

'True View', which was introduced in 2010, went mobile in 2012, introduced Ad Words in 2014, evolved in a better form in 2015, and is now responsible for more accountability and conversions in 2016 as True View ads render 10 times monetisation to engage with the brand along with 7 per cent higher top-of-mind awareness.

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Talking of impact, he noted that those who are hooked to You Tube videos keep watching it despite the ads.

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