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No longer do you have to wait around for the moongates which whiz you between time periods! You'll also want to check England out in 1423 for kicks. You can also use a coin to (N)egate time in an emergency. Sometimes you'll get caught, but just boot up and try again if this happens. It's worth it to head northwest, across Alaska/Russia and AROUND any monsters that attack you, so that you get to Towne Linda(southwest of this isthmus) ASAP. You might not be able to sustain your food supply on fighting monsters and buying food alone, though. Lord British is here(Lord British hid away on the British Isles--oh the irony! The best place to do this is in the 1423 BC world(with Towne Linda, etc.) The very start is critical. They're dumped randomly over the world and although they may not be immediately visible, they should be dumped on the land mass, so there'll always be some to fight if you look hard enough. There's a lot to do here for such a small land mass.

Once you've got a boat you can move around without using up so much food, pick up levels more easily(for what good that does you) and more importantly win fights quickly, which leads to more gold and hit points. It even allows you to run through the game quickly(or to get in a position to do so) with a bit of cheating. This one looks at the more technical aspects and tries to get into the details of what you have to do. Go north and off to the left you'll see the letters 'Port Boniface.' Now five thieves guard the entry. Roast them and use two if necessary--the boat is worth it--and you can either use another negate time to get past the serpents OR fake them out so they damage you the least. Also once you have a boat and some money you may want to use the attribute gaining trick I detail below in the New San Antonio section. DRUDGIN' THROUGH A DUNGEON You'll need a lot of tools to undo the traps that pop up in a dungeon. If you're good enough there's a way to get a boat in 1990. You can do this many times, in fact even establishing a bridge full of boats from England to America. This can be done with combats in 1423 BC once you get really good as well.

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Save when you get it and make sure to keep inventory after a thief attacks you--regaining one is spotty and can put a cramp in your game, but you can win multiple ones in fights(just watch so that the total doesn't roll over to zero.) I'd be so paranoid about finding a boat that if one appeared I'd save the game--JUST in case. Even without a tassel you can come back to conquer it.