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Alison krauss and john waite dating

Sarah Mc Lachlan: I approach all my records the same way, which is to try not to "eat the whole whale at once." The approach to songwriting for me is slow and laborious and I just have to let things take their natural course.

I attempt to work every day, I try to write, but certainly when absolutely nothing is happening and I'm banging my head up against a wall, I kind of have to let it go.

* Whenever You Come Around – this is when he told the story of Vince Gill playing with him on the Opry.

* Downtown- only instrument was a Spanish acoustic guitar * Magic Camera * Best of What I Got – Bad English * Change * Head First – Only Babys song he did.

[I learned that night that a cajon is the proper word for beat box].

John would occasionally play the acoustic guitar during the set.

Told the story of a real waitress and how he imagined why she was in Nashville.

The man is 63, yet his voice barely sounds any different than it did back in the 1980s.

His tone is perfect and he emotes in a way few of his peers can.

However, it being an acoustic performance made for a much different atmosphere.

This time around the performance was more intimate and the softer guitars placed John’s voice front and center, which is a good thing because the first time he sang a note it blew my mind how good he still sounds.

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