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Practice these three things daily and you will discover that they lead to "The Fountain of Youth." It's my pleasure to introduce you to one of natural bodybuilding's best competitors, Van Spell.Van recently placed second in a regional professional natural bodybuilding show, competing against contestants much younger than he.Possible Solution: Schleman Hall hosts the ISS office. The car that was pulled over by the police officer yesterday just had an accident. Possible Solution: The driver who was pulled over yesterday is not careful because he just had an accident.I'm an ACE certified personal trainer and fitness author with over 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry.I guess you can thank me, for I fix the vehicles that brings your bills.Van: Bodybuilding has been a dream of mine, but back in the 80s and before, I thought places like California and New York only had competitions until I went to see the states in downtown Raleigh.I was blown away with the beauty of the sport so it was then I sought to know everything about it Van: Well, the first time was alot different than posing in front of the mirror.It's understandable, but the audience don't cut you any slack if you look like blank!!!

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