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Posted by / 06-Jun-2014 21:00

It is about looking at anything you want in general.

Being a confident alpha male means not being afraid of looking at people or things they are interested in.

If you have questions or are having trouble, ask for help.

Eye contact is not only about looking someone in the eyes.

But they ignore or overlook the simple things that take you from average to alpha. Make these simple adjustments to your body language and you’ll separate yourself from the masses of beta males.

A lot of guys understand what it takes to be an alpha male. We’ve compiled a list of body language tips to help you be the alpha male you want to be.

Don’t soft grab someone’s hand or accidentally mis-grab someone’s hand so you don’t have a firm hold.

Everyone wants to know you, everyone will want to meet you and be your friend.I once helped a guy out and he did this and it just showed what an idiot he was. I understand it takes time and knowledge, but don’t be like him. Although many people will say never put your hands in your pocket because it looks like you’re hiding something, they are wrong.Another little secret to alpha male body language includes your hands. Contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of misconceptions with your hands. If you combine hands in your pocket plus negative body language then yes this is poor form.Guys that have weak eye contact try to steal a peak but looking out of the corner of their eyes or look away when someone looks back at them. Alpha male eye contact is all about showing confidence and interest.If you want to be alpha, you need to be comfortable looking people in the eyes when you are talking to them, when you are listening and just in general.

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