Android weather widget not updating droid x robotdating com

Posted by / 10-Oct-2014 05:22

Once you have made sure that your phone can go online the next thing to consider as to why your phone does not update apps are the apps themselves.Did you get the apps from the Google Play Store or did you sideload them to your phone?

However, the clock/weather widget that came with the phone stays up to date. I can press the little refresh button on the bottom right of that widget and it will update the weather fine.

Take for instance the #Samsung Galaxy #S4, this Android smartphone which was once a flagship model has access to the Google Play Store which has more than a million apps available.

Most of the apps available here are free while others come at a premium price.

Think I’ve tried everything but going back to factory settings.

This is driving me absolutely crazy not being able to access my photos. Before troubleshooting make sure that your phone is connected online.

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If your phone can’t do an app update the first thing you should check is if your phone is connected to the Internet.