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It’s what she described to me as being able to “diary into her.” Every week, Mc Quater will change Eliza’s Think of it as if you are going to a therapy session, weekly, and you talk about slightly different things each week,” she said.“Over time, the complete story revealed by the chatbot becomes more and more visible to the user.” The idea of time being tied to these sessions is further communicated in the rose petals that fall down the screen.

It proved effective due to a combination of its pattern matching scripts and natural language processing.I wasn’t aware that this interaction was available until Eliza pointed it out to me, as if she expected it to be part of the session.And so, not one to let her down, I set off exploring her surroundings to find out more about her.What should emerge over the weeks, as Eliza’s grudging confessions are edited in for us to interpret, is a narrative that fits a part of Mc Quater’s own experience of growing up on the internet.“[S]paces like Yahoo chat rooms, AOL instant messenger, etc, were important, emotional, often scary places for me and (I think) formative in a way for a lot of young women,” she says.

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is based on one of the first chatbots ever created; Joseph Weizenbaum’s “ELIZA“, which he finished developing way back in 1966.

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