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I didnt want it to get all lemony because this is my first yaoi and or shonen-ai. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------"You're never going to pen me down that way my dear brother." A very certain of himself Alvin Seville wrestled his with his brother Simon on his bedroom floor.

I dont know whether to call this shonen-ai or yaoi but anyways its got some boy on boy shiz in it, so there ya go.--Ok well to those of you who do like yaoi and or shonen-ai, this is an Alvon (Alvinx Simon). Dave and Theodore had been out of the house all day completing Dave's 'To Do' list and Alvin and Simon decided they wanted to have a little fun with each other."Ever think maybe I'm just trying to ware you out? He lunged for his brother only to be tackled again.

It's not that she didn't think they were good enough, some actually caught her attention from time to time, it's just that Valetine's Day was a special day and no one could be the one she wanted deep down.

Alvin Seville, the very same red hat wearing chipmunk was the only one she'd want to be with on that day, not that she would admit it though.

This time, it's a little more different so forgive me if it seems not so quite like my last work.

Brittany gave her sisters a nod and faint smile before losing herself in her thoughts again.

Eleanor and Jeanette then looked back to each other, worried and skeptical.

As he talked about a jumpsuit he was planning that would make everyone forget Elvis, he looked around the room and the bed he was lying on."So much pink," he thought to himself as his eyes took in the lacy curtains, the quilt he was on and even some of the plush animals he had pushed out of the way before he stretched out on the bed. She and Alvin were sitting in the Seville's backyard underneath a tree.

Being that he's been performing for 18 years now, Alvin considers himself an expert in choreographing their act.

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Unfortunately for Brittany, every Alvin related disaster involved him trying to mask his love for her by playing a prank on either just her or everyone in the room during their dates, the very same dates Alvin organizes in the first place. Speaking of which, who's going to be your Valentine? " Jeanette exclaimed embarrassed, quickly looking behind them so see how far the boys were. "Oh come on Jeanette, you know I'm just messing with you," Eleanor giggled. " Eleanor smiled and the two looked to their oldest sister for a response.

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