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Well, let's just say my friends got me hooked on it. Trish Stratus - The greatest Women's Champion of all time! Torrie Wilson - She has a pretty face and she CAN wrestle (You just don't know yet). There, she meets new people, new friends and Matt Hardy. But he isn't really a bad guy, despite what other people say about him just makes him stronger. Though, she left WWE and I wish she'd come back, I wish her the best of luck in her singing career.2. It would've made me happy if she had had a title shot before she left though.4. Kane/Lita - Believe or not this was my first favorite pairing. Girl Next Door - MAtt/Amy16 year old Amy Dumas just moved to Cameron, North Carolina.Can Amy have the courage to tell her true feelings before its too late. Matt/Lita fluf Matt, Amy, and Bailey are living a happy life. What will happen and will she ever really find out how Matt feels?One night though, Matt and Amy get into a fight and she leaves. Can Matt find a new love, or the question may be.Amy still alive? *Finished*The sequel to "Two Can Play This Game" It focuses on Matt and Amy this time.

victorialisa marie,trish,lita,stacy,and torrie are sisters who are meeting for the first time after 5 years ago.When an accident accures at WM25 to his brother Jeff, Matt knows he can't go through this all alone...he needs someone from his past, someone named Amy Dumas. Your past comes back to greet you when you least expect it.Unless Matt Hardy or Amy Dumas tells you this themself and face to faceface,it's probally not true. People sometimes pretend to be someone else on sites like myspace,they think it's cool.Unless Matt Hardy or Amy Dumas tells you this themself and face to faceface,it's probally not true.

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