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Unfortunately, a big goon drops his candy wrapper on the floor, and Chris forces a confrontation, making everyone uncomfortable. Those who refuse to play by those rules, well, they are a blot on the face of humanity and who will miss them anyway?

Later, Chris sees an opportunity and takes it, backing over the unrepentant litterbug with his caravan, crushing him to death. The wild Midlands area is the site of ancient kingdoms, resonating with the memory of medieval greatness.

The solution: She hires a male escort named Nick (Mulroney) to go along with her and play the role of her fiance, so that Jeff will be jealous and she won't look pathetic and single.

He just wants to show off his knowledge to Tina and have a nice holiday. Things like rudeness, boorish self-absorption, and being serenely happy grate on this resentful man.

Tina, amazed by all the sex she is having, heady with freedom, tries to soothe him.

At their first stop, the Crich Tramway Village, they ride old-fashioned double-deckers.

Sardonic grim humor with a black heart is the tone of "Sightseers," not surprising when you consider that it was directed by Ben Wheatley, whose former films, "Down Terrace" (2009) and "Kill List" (2011), were black comedy thrillers involving crime, murder and the absence of a moral compass.

"Sightseers" is part travelogue and part killing spree, and Tina and Chris rightfully take their place with other murderous couples on the run, from Annie and Barton in "Gun Crazy" (1950) to Kit and Holly in "Badlands" (1973) to Mickey and Mallory in "Natural Born Killers" (1994).

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The past is all around Tina and Chris, the greatness of England's history shimmers behind every action.

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