Asp net objectdatasource not updating

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Over the past several tutorials we've examined how to display data in an ASP.

NET page using the Grid View, Details View, and Form View controls.

These controls simply work with data supplied to them.

Commonly, these controls access data through the use of a data source control, such as the Object Data Source.

Title = "Public Image Gallery" For Each s As String In public Image images. Format("/", public Path, s)) Next Else If Session("Mode") = "Private" Then Me.

Set No Store() get Objects() If Session("Mode") Is Nothing Then Session("Mode") = "Public" End If End Sub Private Sub Permissions_Pre Render(sender As Object, e As System. Pre Render 'Binds the Data Before Rendering Bind Data() End Sub Private Sub get Objects() For x As Integer = 0 To 99 public Image. To String ".jpg") Next For y As Integer = 0 To 8 private Image. To String ".jpg") Next End Sub Private Function Get List Of Images() As List(Of String) Dim images = New List(Of String)() If Session("Mode") = "Public" Then Me.

When configured to insert, update, or delete data, the Grid View, Details View, and Form View controls provide a user interface for modifying the underlying data.

This user interface calls the methods to methods of classes in the BLL, as well as how to configure the Grid View, Details View, and Form View controls to provide data modification capabilities.

Actually it was working fine till i have not changed Update Method's parameter.Configure these tabs so that the attribute indicates the purpose of each method whether it is for selecting, inserting, updating, or deleting and whether or not it's the default value.If you omitted these attributes when creating your BLL classes, you'll need to manually select the methods from the UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE tabs. These values can also be set programmatically as needed, as we'll discuss in a future tutorial.One side effect of using the wizard to configure to Object Data Source is that Visual Studio sets the Old Values Parameter Format String property to property indicates the name of the input parameters in the underlying object's update and delete methods for the original values.We'll discuss this property and its purpose in greater detail when we explore optimistic concurrency.

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