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As you know, NSString is one of those Class Clusters.That means, that the real class behind “NSString” instance could be very much anything as far as it’s derivative of or binary compatible with the abstract .This languages are decided on app launch based on the localizations you provide in your main bundle and prioritized list of languages user prefers.(I’ll cover this in more details below later, note that there are issues about that in i OS9).Apple uses Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR) for that data, you can access that information via NSLocale API. First item in that list is usually a system language, language in which operation system elements and Apple apps are displayed.

Apple provided us with a fascinating internationalization APIs and if you didn’t yet, you should definitely familiarize yourself with them.

After intensive digging with hopper, I found references to uplrules* functions. Apple does not provide headers with those functions with i Phone SDK, but you can find them here: upluralrules.h.

In general, you pass it , it returns you the form as a string like “other” or “many”, you can read about those forms here.

If you talk to Jane’s sister, she’ll tell you about Jane’s priorities in general, that’s NSLocale.

If you talk to your buddy - he’ll advice you to weight upon something you’re good at among what Jane likes, that’s NSBundle.


Preferred languages may be used in HTTP headers, to detect system language or to implement custom internationalization SDK.

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