Belgium dating culture do internet dating sites work

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Belgium dating culture

You might even venture that she had not changed her clothes from the night before. In addition, the proximity of their houses meant that my friend had to stop and make polite conversation with the two on her way to work. I've coined a phrase for this: The wider the net, the less chance that you will hit the jackpot.In quaint Brussels, the net gets wider all the time.

Meeting and Greeting Adapted from material compiled by Window on the World, a cross-cultural training and consulting firm.

There is of course a glitch to this long-distance affair.

A girl claiming to be his girlfriend in situ has gone to the trouble of making long-distance calls to Brussels to warn off my friend.

The Dutch-speaking Flemings live in Flanders, in the north, and make up 55% of the population.

The French-speaking Walloons live in Wallonia, in the south, and make up 33% of the population.

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