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Main Street Guest House offers a bright, clean, private space to relax in; a fully furnished kitchen with brand new appliances; and all the amenities you will need for business or pleasure.The house has an open floor plan and is furnished with a simple yet elegant combination of classic family furniture and thoughtfully chosen vintage features.If you're in town on a Friday afternoon, you can even join the local "boffing" club of youth and adults who engage in mock battles with home-made pvc, foam, and duct tape swords.Good times for all--and that's all within a quarter mile of the Guest House!We are the proud parents of two amazing kids (one grown and one still at home) and members of a wonderful community.Our day jobs are in community health work and teaching; after hours we stay busy growing and raising food, maintaining our farm/homestead, and enjoying our beautiful Pacific Northwest homeland.For drivers, Hertz and Enterprise Rent-a-Car services are available 29 miles away in Mount Vernon, along I-5.In summer 2016 Concrete will be joining the EV Highway system with the installation of a Park-n-Ride and EV charging station!

We have traveled around a bit (Greece, Germany, Australia, the Netherlands, throughout the US) and now prefer to stay closer to home, rambling around Puget Sound in our camper van.We will be available by text, phone or email; "town" friends live just down the street and will help out as needed.There may be times we'll be working on gardening or landscaping while you're there and we will respect your privacy.If you have forgotten something for your trip, there's a good chance you could find a replacement there!Or head the other direction down Main Street to Silo Park, where you can play frisbee or basketball, climb the monkey bars, shred some gnar at the skate park, or admire Concrete's impressive community garden.

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