Black for black dating

Posted by / 15-Dec-2015 22:35

Black for black dating

I reached out to Tinder to find out if they keep track of the race and racial preferences of users, but didn’t hear back by the time of publication.

Besides, he said, do they really offer something different? “What would prompt them to use [black dating apps] as opposed to Ok Cupid or something? I went back to Bae a couple weeks later in New York City and was pleasantly surprised: black men! But even though the app is free, I was limited to 30 swipes and notified I had to wait eight more hours to recommence swiping.

Clearly, America has not grown out of its prejudice. Bae had a weak selection and a frustrating swipe limit.

And defying all logic, mostly white dudes liked me on Tinder. More importantly, as Gerrard alluded to, it’s as much a necessity as it is an act of empowerment.

Ok Cupid’s user base is a representative sample of the general internet-using population, according to the company, so its numbers urges us to think about how ingrained our romantic and sexual preferences are, and in what kind of spaces we feel most comfortable exposing ourselves.

Racial preference and discrimination aren’t unique in America.

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