Blackberry email stopped updating

Posted by / 11-Oct-2014 00:42

UITS recommends you replace your Black Berry with a device that is compatible with Active Sync.

All you need to do is install the Enterprise Activation app, which can be found in Black Berry App World.

To learn more about integrating your email, check out the Black Berry Internet Service User Guide.

If you are moving your Internet Mail Accounts from a previous Black Berry smartphone to your new Black Berry smartphone with Black Berry 7 OS, you’ll be asked to enter your login credentials for each email address you integrate.

In the "Signal" field, verify that the value is above -100 Bm. If the signal is weaker than -100 Bm (the figure you see is smaller, e.g., -110 Bm), the signal strength in your area is too weak for normal functions.

If your signal is stronger than -100 Bm (with a larger number, e.g., -90 Bm), continue troubleshooting.

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