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Body building dating

If they aren’t with you, they are either at the gym, eating, or sleeping.

They generally do not drink because alcohol can have interactions with certain supplements, not to mention it can negatively impact their “gains”.

You’ll need to exert some patience and understanding during these times.

If you are the one he wants, you are the one he stays with.

If he is serious about getting big and competing, then be prepared for a tornado of supplements.

So not only will you never have to worry about your man being a drunken bar fly, but you will also have a permanent designated driver on your hands. You want to go out for a drink and a few laughs, and they sit beside you drinking water while you drink alone.

That is IF you can get them out to a drinking establishment in the first place.

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When you see him popping two handfuls of pills every morning, rest assured that he is not, in fact, a drug addict. One of the best benefits of dating a bodybuilder is that no matter what size you are, he will always make you feel small and safe.

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