Breakthrough in dating of kimberley rock art

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Breakthrough in dating of kimberley rock art

Paddy Neowarra, as senior Elder, led the group in to each site.The approach to Donkey Creek is something I will never forget.Our time with them served as our true introduction to the ways of traditional Kimberley peoples.

There is much about the Wandjina that I do not understand, for my experience with them is brief and I do not have the traditional knowledge of them.The Aboriginal people treat these sites with respect and caution, indeed often approaching Wandjina sites with a wariness bordering on fear.The Aboriginals tend not to stay at the sites for long, for they believe that the Wandjina are present at the sites, and you don’t want to anger them by overstaying your welcome.His lone voice called out again and again, seeking permission from those spirits for our party to visit the site.As we continued, we became aware of a rock outcrop to our right, and then we saw them – a line of Wandjina spirits along the base of the outcrop. The Donkey Creek Wandjinas are known as the Cuckoo People, representing a lineage of Wandjina spirits; they also record the history of the Ngarinyin people.

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The Wandjina figures had a sense of presence and power and, I must say, were slightly unsettling.

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