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Bridget dating

As Bridget enters Daniel's office, Perpetua looks up knowingly and perhaps worried for Bridget. Bridget pretends to be totally oblivious to the situation. And I think in the end it's got to be something extraordinary, something which makes us go that extra mile - and, well... Get your fucking facts straight - I'm not getting married - on the contrary, I'm going off to a pet store to buy an alsatian to eat me later this evening. She's fooling around on a beach with another - while the boyfriend in shades looks reserved. Then sound accelerates - like the end of Day in the Life of Sergeant Pepper, with little fragments of stuff. O.: Have meantime made important decision - in total romantic vacuum, will throw myself into work in manner of Elizabeth I and Hillary Clinton. Always preferred it to books anyway - everyone knows E. Sharon nudges him in the car - and points - all three of them turn - and see Mark - he doesn't see them seeing him - he continues to look just at Bridget. Mark seems mortified, constantly trying to get away.I think Lara and being American and something to do with confidence and being so, well, young, you know... ANSWER MACHINES: Am now in total despair and suddenly see advantage of suicide in manner of Marilyn Monroe. In the background their parents, in outrageous 60's clothes.This meeting isn't a case of 'blah, blah, have you heard the one about Salman and the snake' - it's bottom line stuff. A real gasp from everyone - that turns into applause, and a bit of shouting. MARK'S FATHER (CONT'D): So I ask you now to charge your glasses once again to... Mark, Natasha, the Darcys, Bridget's Mum and Dad, the Alconburys go into their usual fantasy slo-mo. the people of England, people like you and me, to lose... She calmly slips her arm through his as they head through. We have been so impressed by your work Mark - and yours, Natasha.The Americans have flown in, that's how serious it is. Julie London's 'FLY ME TO THE MOON' is playing on the hi-fi. We recognise many of the guests from the Turkey Curry Buffet. Waiting for them holding a sign saying Mark and Natasha is a very smartly dressed young man - clearly a keen junior lawyer from the firm. Human rights is absolutely key stuff at Abbott & Abbott. Suddenly Mark emerges from the shop, which has a constant flow of very respectable middle-aged ladies.JULIAN: My dear, you and your mother - could be sisters. And aren't those sapphires a lovely finishing touch? And that was what I was hoping for, you see, before this. And every time I sit down my tail goes ever so slightly up my bottom. The door is closed, but through the glass you can see that a meeting is in progress. Lara is leaning over Daniel's shoulder, pointing to figures on a spreadsheet. She suddenly hears the sound of a slightly tacky 80s style synthesizer... Then the song itself starts - beautifully sung, though it has to be said, not peraphs as impossibly high as the original Eddie Holman version: More Blackness. Terrible timing I know - but I'm an arse - and Natasha is really 'superb' - just 'superb'. Suddenly, the camera changes focus and there, on the opposite side of the street - like a stalker, or a ghost - is Mark Darcy, standing beside his car, watching her. He moves to kiss her again: but just doesn't make it, because there is a tremendous tooting and hooting from the now very fogged up car down the street. Lots of very high quality magazines with very useful romance and fashion tips. we see what he reads - with increasing horror as he flicks the pages... (Pause.) For Christ's sake - it's only a diary - and it's common knowledge diaries are just full of crap. Home Movie Footage shows Bridget Jones, 4 years old, tormenting Mark Darcy, 8 years old.Daniel is clearly loving it until he catches Bridget's eyes. we're the same, Bridge, you and I - two people of a certain age looking for the moment to commit and finding it really hard. There is a tendency in each one for her to be happier than the boys are - she's hugging one. Sound of the Easteders theme tune and lots of other recognizeable TV theme tunes - American and British. Still dressed in exactly the clothes he wore at the airport. And lots of shouting - 'Hooray', 'Hooray', 'That's my girl'. BRIDGET: Excuse - there's just a little something Imust... WHAT THE DIARY SAYS: 'Mark is a prematurely middle-aged prick' - 'I hope he dies of a heart attack and they find he wasn't wearing clean pants' - 'A real geek' - 'I dislike him intensely.'He doesn't hear - or won't hear - as he strides down the street. The setting is Bridget's parents garden - swing, slide, paddling pool - and Bridget is clearly crazy about Mark: hugging him, trying to kiss him, mugging at the camera.

The whole scene as slightly surreal nature: through Bridget's eyes we watch this weird world in which she once lived. The author, looking as miserable as Kafka himself, stands next to a pile of his books, ignored. She sees Daniel Cleaver, across the room, talking to Melvyn Bragg and other celebrities. Bridget grabs a drink from a passing tray, then looks up at Mark, who has, after all, just made a joke - but Mark Darcy, meanwhile, suddenly falls silent when he sees Daniel Cleaver checking out the room. (Bridget looking shell-shocked at his outburst.) I think it's time for this. She tips her head back to feel the wind, at which point, the glasses fly off her face. Bridget and Daniel head from the car towards the hotel entrance. RICHARD: Tough - I've sent Cara to Liverpool, so you're all I've got. BRIDGET: Because I don't want to end up like you, you boring Sloaney milch cow, and because if I had to cook old Chubby Chop's dinner, then get in the same bed as him just once, I'd tear off my own head and eat it. (She seems to glance a little towards Mark during this.) Both parties bring something to the table, both negotiate, both make little concessions - and what emerges is more than the sum of the parts... JEREMY: Thank you, Alistair, thanks everybody, thanks for coming. Thank God you are married - because if you were still single, nobody would ever give plain girls like me a second glance. BRIDGET: I mean, you seem to go out of your way to make me feel like a complete idiot every time I see you. I already feel like an idiot all the time anyway - with or without a fireman's pole. I mean, there are elements of the ridiculous about you... and you do have a tendency to let what's in your head come out of your mouth without much consideration of the consequences... I do know what I'm like sometimes, but it doesn't help that you and Bridget have your lovely grown-up club of two and always saying 'what's silly old Mummy gone and done this time.' You know, you used to be mad about me. The same scene as before - the camera coming up the stairs - the legs - the naked people - but this time the camera moves up whips around - and it shows Darcy - HE was the man coming up the stairs -then cut to the girl, lipstick-smeared, Japanese - then Daniel - he was the guilty one. Best man at his wedding - and then Christmas Eve, Mark comes home early from work and finds the pair of them in a most unorthodox position, stark naked, at it like rabbits... Penny Husband-Bosworth, all grimacing and giggling awkwardly at one another, as uniformed caterers waft trays of salmony thingies under their noses. 40 years of happy marriage counts for quite a lot in this day and age and I've been blessed for 40 years with a dear wife and companion, Geraldine. He has always made us proud - and we couldn't be prouder of him than on this particular day. Better dash - got another party must go to - lots of single people - mainly poofs. In fact, the haunting strains of the UN HOMME ET UNE FEMME music can be heard.By the time she reaches 'pervert', the camera whizzes back to 'misogynist' man.) Will also become more intelligent by reading excellent books of prize-winning quality. But tell you what, I'll send over a review copy on a bike. Unveil a slick graphic board on which are just the words - 'It's Coming'. Appalled by management's blatantly size-ist attitude to skirt. When I asked her where she'd been, she said it was none of my business. Bridget watches an ache in her heart about theirwarmth. PERPETUA: (Icily) Let's just get this clear, Gavin. (She looks out - sees a slightly perplexed Salman) Obviously except for your books, Mr. (She keeps looking round - now she's in trouble) As are yours, obviously, Mr Barnes and Mr Amis and Mr Bragg and Nick Hornby and, of course - Mr Okri - particularly the Famished Road - excellent... but anyway, ahm - what I mean is -welcome to the launch of one of the, you know, top 30, anyway best books of our time... Dad is going to pieces in some style, sitting unshaven in his vest at the kitchen table with a bottle of whisky. Bridget has just arrived with a weekend bag and sat down. He has a deep, mellifluous voice, and his immaculately manicured hands hold a minute ruler to a hideous set of earrings. Her only crime was to fight for 5 years, in every way she possibly could, to save the man she loves. (Her stride takes on a skip.) Everything seems to be going smoothly until... (Raising a glass) To Bridget, who can't cook, but who we love - just as she is... DANIEL: That Sunday in the country, it was all going so fast. They are surrounded by Fray Bentos tins and TV Dinner cartons.(She takes out a copy of 'The Famished Road' by Ben Okri. Print like gingerbread cookies, held up by balloons, with little teddies all over the brick wall that forms its background. O.: ...mature discussion of problems that we all share. Suddenly thirty years of marriage would appear to count for nothing. We have spent over a thousand pounds on a survey, and now you tell me you have sold the house to someone else. (Listens) Right - excuse me for being a little personal - but may your children burn in hell, you shifty, smarmy, lying bastard... DAD (CONT'D): Why, when people abandon their partners, do they think it's better to pretend there's no one else involved? To reject their case - now that would have been a crime. Bridget's shriek as the food processor spins out of control, sending mashed potato everywhere. DANIEL (CONT'D): (Putting two and two together) Of course. A box of mince-pies sits on Bridget's lap - she has had eleven - in her hand is the final, twelfth one.Bridget Moynahan is reportedly dating 'Terminator Salvation' director Mc G.The actress and star of new police TV series 'Blue Bloods' has embarked on a budding romance with the director - real name Joseph Mc Ginty - for a number of months.

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I like the idea of revisiting a character that we all met so long ago and checking in with her at all different stages of her life,” she said.