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She says she’s drawn on her experiences in developing what she describes as an elegant and sophisticated alternative to online dating. She helps members of the service complete profiles and make videotaped introductions.

She identifies potential matches based on information she’s gleaned from consultations, profiles and ongoing conversations.

At the end of the date, members are free to exchange business cards or phone numbers and make plans to meet again.

They’re also free to proceed in the process and meet someone else.

“It feels like you’re shopping for a used car,” she says.

“That’s not the experience I want and understand others don’t want.

Pewters says an important part of her service is the ongoing conversations in which she engages with members after dates to assess what they liked and didn’t like to fine tune the matchmaking process.

The basis of compatibility varies considerably, Pewters says.

For more information about It’s a Date, available services and membership, visit Members have an opportunity to meet others freely and exchange information if they’d like.The important distinction of the events, she says, is that everyone there is single and interested in meeting others.Pewters says most of hermembers are looking for long-term relationships.She believes she can help find them — and arrange their last first date.

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Kathi Pewters consults with a member of It’s a Date, a professional dating service Pewters launched to offer what she describes as a safe, enjoyable and convenient way for singles to meet.