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Things get weird for New York journalist Ozzie Graham after a suspicious car accident sends him searching for answers at Star Crossed, a support group for alien "experiencers".Don't miss the two-episode season premiere of People of Earth, Halloween night on TBS.A priceless work of art is missing, and the lieutenant is extremely sick. In addition, the survivors make a discovery that could change everything.Tribeca and Geils search and high and low and in the middle to recover the stolen painting. The demons in Tribeca's past and the lieutenant's lingering illness. After a string of suspicious drownings, Geils goes undercover with the L. Under new rule, the island falls apart after they're unable to remember something from their life back home.Portia is given the opportunity to dazzle the set, and Dory and her boss Gail go undercover, which ends face-to-face with a prime suspect. The mayor is being blackmailed, and the lieutenant is just sick about it. A baker has been murdered and the lieutenant is just sick about it. A ventriloquist is dead, and the lieutenant is just sick about it. He's never been that strong of a swimmer, and the currents are deceivingly strong. Geils and Tanner investigate the mysterious death of a reunited boy band member while Tribeca finally meets with Sgt. When a graphic designer is found dead, all evidence points to Tribeca. Todd, Danny and Owen investigate the other islanders after unearthing a troubling suitcase.Angie Tribeca is assigned a new partner, Jay Geils, to find the blackmailer and bring him to justice. Tribeca must track down the murderer before any other people get murdered by that murderer. On the case, Tribeca delves into the salacious world of American ventriloquism. Geils always wanted to be a ventriloquist, which might not sound like a problem but is. Tribeca can't shake the feeling that the cause of a 102-year-old's death isn't as natural as others believe, but her concerns fall on deaf ears. She's on probation after that whole data breach snafu. Atkins assigns a romance novelist to aid Geils and Tribeca in their attempt to bust an organ thief at a local hospital. Pack, Emma, and Florence are faced with the ultimate choice.Sam looks at how life has changed for people in states with legislatures that flipped from blue to red after the vitally important, almost totally ignored 2010 midterm elections.Full Frontal follows a delegation from the American Atheists on what seems like a doomed mission: to spread their message to the right-wing attendees of CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Klaus buys a pair of shoes online and Hayley helps him harass the neighbor they believe has stolen them.And I know we say this a lot, but the island makes a discovery that could change everything. Todd, Florence and Emma adjust to life off the island.And you might not believe us this time, but seriously, the island makes a discovery that could change everything.Stan is upset at the idea of becoming a grandfather after Hayley and Jeff announce theyÂ’re trying to have a baby. Nate needs to take a detour to Salvation, Florida where it's Christmas every day of the year--except on Christmas.Steve and Klaus join a drug gang after Steve decides to take being an uncle extra seriously. Things get tense when the family discovers that Nate has been lying to them in addition to the fact that they are being followed by 'government goons'.

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Dory makes a huge connection in the case, while Drew is tempted by the fruits of another.

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