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Ca etrust 8 1 not updating

Bit unfortunate that it targeted the update mechanism...I have this vision of a developer standing like a scolded kid, head down, tracing a partial-circle with the toe of one foot say "uhhm...I did something silly..." Got slammed last night, went to bed at 4am.I was saved, not by planning or judgement, but just luck really.There are numerous other examples, but I can't be bothered to type them - I'm past the point where this is cathartic - and don't even get me started on the issues around encryption of solid state HDDs with Safe Guard.In short it appears the QA procedures are completely shot and more worryingly seem to be getting worse. As stated ^^^^ how the hell did this get through QA testing?!

For the list of programs to remove, see below: FOR WINDOWS XP USERS: On April 8th, 2014, Microsoft formally announced the Windows XP end of support.

As a result enterprise PCs running the application went haywire, generating false positives reporting SSH/Updater-B malware. This sounds tempting to try, but what does it do exactly? As you said pity those in the states that were in the middle of their working day!

Looks like it just repairs "required registry entries" and shortcuts? Still not quite sorted things out as some of the files on our sophos server were moved but the server does seem to be updating ok, I've sorted all the workstations You can easily fix as a home user, but the SUM/SEC enterprise instructions don't work with the SCC small business version.

I finally got someone on the line 10 minutes after the UK call center started taking calls from the pitifully overloaded Australian call-center.

I didn't even want to bother after reading about everyone else's trouble reaching them, but I had at least one machine which was stuck in a loop - couldn't remove Sophos Endpoint Protection, couldn't re-install it, wasn't working properly, Windows Installer kept trying to re-install the auto-update thing every few minutes, ugh.

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Even the most basic of testing should've spotted this. so far the list includes Commvault, Flash, Shockwave, Quickbooks, Dell Server Administrator, Java...

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