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Camera secretarysexy

What’s more, his ongoing transition from heroic underdog to diabolical scoundrel was so much more compelling than anything that AJ, his new ladyfriend, could provide.For the most part, she seemed to be there to serve as a target for his egocentric outbursts.To help them win, Liz flashed her skivvies to provide a distraction — probably the first and only power play of her career to that point.And the confidence that she showed in that match was probably what nudged Savage back into lunacy.

And although that sort of female archetype is sad in its compulsion, at least they received meaningful screen time.Liz was less a manager to Savage than a long-suffering, mentally battered cohabitant — a garnish to his glory-hound act.Not only did we hate Savage all the more for his abuse of her, but she gave us an excuse to watch even his most menial matches intently.She would be the wellspring of passion, of conflict, of resentment — the whole range of mythical emotion.As I once wrote, she was cast from her very first appearance as the WWF’s Helen of Troy — the face that launched a thousand dropkicks.

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There was a certain Macho Man–Elizabeth vibe to their relationship, sure, but with none of the backstory and about half the pathos.