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The upper surface of the barndoor skate is brown to reddish brown.Though the barndoor skate has been found in brackish water where the salinity is 21 to 24 parts per thousand (ppt), it prefers salinity between 31 and 35 ppt.The broad disk of the barndoor skate has sharply angled corners and a pointed snout.These long-lived, slow-growing skates have diamond shaped pectoral discs with very pointed snouts and stout tails.They are reddish brown on top, with dark spots, dark blotches and light streaks; and they are light underneath with some light markings.

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In the 1990s, fishing effort has declined in shallow areas of barndoor skate habitat and the number of juveniles is increasing in no-take zones on Georges Bank and Southern New England shelf as well as adjacent areas to the north and south.

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