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Carbon 14 dating dinosaur bones

For some real examples download the PDF version of this answer here To obtain C14 dates for dinosaur bones means either: a) the bones couldn’t possibly be so old, and/or b) Carbon 14 doesn’t work One intriguing thing about radioactive carbon is because it has such a short half-life, then the closer you get to the present the more reliable it becomes.If you then compare it with historic data what you find that the further back you get in known history the more unreliable it becomes.This was a joint event of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) and the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS).It appears that the researchers approached the matter with considerable professionalism, including taking great pains to eliminate contamination with modern carbon as a source of the C signal in the bones.But it is highly unlikely that Adam and Eve and any created animals were ever exposed to high energy radiation, nor did they ever breathe in any radioactive gases in the beginning.

But he didn’t let that bother him in any way, shape or form.

inundated by Noahs Flood, which would also mean that the entire planet had been changed, and the Carbon 14 method is one dramatic loser as a result.

In the beginning the God created the world very good.

The researchers seem to be associated with Catholic creationist groups, which have reported the conference earlier and more vocally than evangelical creationists.

One of these reports states that afterwards, “the abstract was removed from the conference website by two chairmen because they could not accept the findings.

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Adam and Eve would have been protected from every source of producing radioactive carbon.

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