Carbon dating controversy

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Carbon dating controversy

Traditional Egyptian chronology was developed in the 19th century, and for a long time it was the only archaeological yardstick available to date the history of other ancient near eastern people.However, later datable discoveries in other ancient civilizations were not reconcilable with traditional Egyptian chronology.Whether or not camel-dependent trade routes across the Aravah Valley into the Arabian Peninsula were yet established has no bearing on the use of camels by people in the more westerly portions of the Levant.

They suggest that the camel-based economy became important after the rise of Egyptian power in the region.“Our results have direct implications on dating the beginning of the Arabian trade and the many related economic and social phenomena.” Sapir-Hen and Ben-Yosef write.“As most probably significant trade between southern Arabia and the Levant was not feasible before the use of camels as pack animals, it could not have commenced before the last third of the 10th century BCE.” In examining the challenge based on these copper-mined carbon dates, we need to consider both the calibration of the technique and the historical context of the claims.Camels would probably have been better able to meet mine-related transport demands than donkeys or mules.Camels were well-suited to handle the rigors of long journeys along Middle Eastern trade routes.

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Even though the Bible describes the use of camels by Abraham, Joseph, and Jacob, some modern liberal scholars insist the camel did not achieve importance as a pack animal until the early Iron Age, and not before the 12th century BC.1 According to a press release from the American Friends of Tel Aviv University (AFTAU), “Archaeologists have shown that camels were not domesticated in the Land of Israel until centuries after the Age of the Patriarchs (2000–1500 BCE).

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