Chat dating vietnam becoming a dating consultant

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Chat dating vietnam

But most intimidating to me is the use of the emoticons.

People over here have a thing for those cute little digital expressions.

Hien Nguyen, a 27-year-old newspaper reporter, told me the difference between dating in Vietnam now and just five years ago.

"Nobody writes letters by hand anymore, we just text or talk over Yahoo Instant Messenger." Hien said she misses those handwritten letters, but only when she's on the receiving end. True romantic anticipation has been replaced by instant gratification, with the anticipation being waiting for text messages.

When they grow up, if neither goes away to find a job elsewhere, chances are they will marry each other.) But it doesn't matter how a relationship here starts; it seems all of them go through something I'd call the "@ phase of love," in which the courtship continues via cell phone texts and Yahoo instant messaging.

There's no voicemail service on cell phones in Vietnam, by the way, and most people don't bother to have home answering machines.

Text messaging aside, people here generally pick up their phones when called.

Minh Nguyen, a 25-year-old student I met online through family prior to this trip (and no relation to Hien Nguyen), often decorates her sentences with multiple emoticons.

So much so that sometimes it's hard for me to know what she really means.

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First of all, there's lots of Vietnamese slang, much like the "l33tspeak" in the States.