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I offered him to take free treatment when I knew that he was including high quality footballers (I got much information about him on internet).

And I had also offered him to get free sports massage session, 3 or 4 times weekly, to help him getting his best condition before applying for a new club. Actually, it was just an easy matter to me to cure his stomach pain problem.It only needed a patience to cure this internal organ, which actually had been damaged for years.I did not understand about his rejection, really-really-really did not understand.It was really hard for him to get his best condition.Even he had been interrupted with suffering from many kinds of illnesses such as malaria during his practicing days.

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I knew him coincidentally because he had ever visited my home (his girlfriend stayed at the same home). The thing attracted my attention so much was the way he walked, like a crippled person, because he suffered from severe injury on his left knee.

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