Chat with lesbian mistresses

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Chat with lesbian mistresses

Karen is more apprehensive about seeing Alec without his wife being present, but Alec is persuasive and brings her meatballs for lunch. However, you can tell the weak LGBT storylines are not intended to be part of the duration of the show, but to bring in more queer viewers–and probably more male viewers who want to see two girls getting it on with a dude.

Pilar Sanders wants to have a little sit-down with Deion's alleged mistresses -- to PROVE he was an unfaithful husband -- but according to Pilar, Deion is trying to thwart her efforts ...

in this case, a 20-year-old model Deion allegedly slept with last summer named Aleea Stanton.

According to Pilar, Deion attempted to bribe Aleea to keep her mouth shut about their tryst -- so now, Pilar wants the court to punish him for his unsavory tactics.

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(Although, I personally have never been in this type of relationship, so I am assuming they are on track.)Karen of course has some reservations about how this relationship is going to work and is hesitant on continuing the threesome.

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