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Chatfrog rules

When you log into a Camfrog forum room, the rules are made clear - "No disturbing the room with repeated text or spamming" and "No nudity or asking others to get nude", for example. Because there are several people all communicating at once, all you see is a flurry of random messages between users.Click on a contact, and you can usually see their webcam, though some "lurkers" may choose to have their camera off.

In some circumstances, cybersex may in fact help a person through a rough period in an offline, loving relationship.The Camfrog Video Chat interface is similar to that of an IM client with contacts listed down the right hand and a messaging box along the bottom.When you log in, you're asked whether you want to join the main Camfrog Video Chat room or a specific room such as Latino, Learn English, Single and a special room for those using sign language.If you want to chat with another person in a different video window, the first chat will automatically close when you switch to the new chat.Also, the buddy list is not sortable in this version. There are several rooms with “DEAF” in the room name. When starting the program, click on VIDEO CHAT ROOMS. Many rooms are for Deaf Italy, Deaf Germans, Deaf Poland, Deaf USA, Deaf Russia, Deaf Mexico, and so on. One of the moderator’s jobs is to be sure that all of the people in the room can sign.

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To open one that is available, you just have to tap its name and take a look at the chat room rules.