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The highest peak of the Hindu Kush is Tirich Mir 7,787m. Rumbur Valley, Chitral, NWFP, Pakistan The Kalasha. The four great mountain chains in Asia are formed from the Hindu Kush, Pamir, Karakoram, and the Himalyas.

The Chitrali people call their land "Kho" and their language is called Khowar.

Glaciers can be creative - as a source of irrigation or destructive - leading to loss of agricultural land, roads, and houses.

Mountain glaciers play a significant role in shaping these valleys, together with weathering, erosion and tectonic uplift, and also the effect of earthquakes, landslides and flash floods.

The Evening Discussion Meeting at the Linnean Society of London The meeting reported current explorations in Chitral and the initial results of the 40 member RGS International Hindu Kush Expedition which scientifically explored Chitral in summer 1999, led by Peter and Azra Meadows University of Glasgow and by Professor Israr-ud-Din University of Peshawar. The Ayun valley is famous for its fertile land and lush vegetation.

The meeting also acted as a forum for planning future initiatives in the area. The Kunar river winds its way west into Afghanistan where it joins the Kabul river and eventually re-enters Pakistan and joins the Indus river at the historic city of Attock.

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Evening Discussion Meeting On Chitral and The 1999 International Hindu Kush Expedition Linnean Society of London, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London. The Yarkhun river in the north east joins the Laspur river further south near Mastuj to form the Mastuj river.

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