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Top 4 parties in KP local body elections: Bannu: JUI-F s Sajjad Zargar s wins by bagging 1188 votes in ward 2. Torgar district council: PTI s Dilroz Khan wins election in ward 14 by obtaining 512 votes. DI Khan: PTI s Muhammad Rehan wins elections in ward 2 by obtaining 1073 votes.

Live Updates Party Position (Number of Seats - District wise) PTI ANP JUI-F JI PML-N PPP Others Independent 277 117 116 78 98 8 147 PTI wins in Swat by snatching 24 seats DIK, ward 23: PTI s Amjad Khan wins with 2812 votes Haripur, tehsil council, ward 15: PTI s Malik Waqas in lead with 2927 votes Kohat, tehsil council, ward 9: PTI s Mubeen Ali in lead with 2801 votes Kohat, district council, ward 9: Independent candidate Abdul Ali in lead with 2680 votes JUI-F in lead by snatching 7 seats in Tank : PTI grabs four seats in Tank : Malankand, tehsil council, ward 23: PTI s Jamal Hussain in lead with 1067 votes Malakand, tehsil council, ward 28: PTI s Khan Bahadur in lead with 1300 votes Malakand, tehsil council, ward 16: PTI s Usman Ali in lead with 1000 votes Governor KP s son Shamoonyar Abbasi wins the seat with 2157 votes Hangu, tehsil council, ward 7: JUI-F Abdul Latif in lead with 862 votes Hangu, district council, ward 7: Independent candidate Mohammad Wahid in lead with 667 votes Mansehra, ward 3: Independent candidate Syed Shahjahan Shah in lead with 171 votes Mansehra, ward 2: Independent candidate Matloob ur Rehman in lead with 2540 votes DIK, district council, ward 25: PTI s Humayun Khan in lead with 2432 votes DIK, district council, ward 29: PTI s Nadir Khan in lead with 2514 votes : Swat, district council, ward 46: PML-N s Atta Ullah in lead with 1465 votes Swat, tehsil council, ward 39: PTI’s Gohar Ali in lead with 3075 votes Upper Dir, district council, ward 13: PML-N’s Ghaffar Khan in lead with 830 votes PTI’s Bacha Khan in lead with 1463 votes in Swat tehsil council ward 40 PTI’s Jahanzaib Ali in lead with 1944 votes in Swat district council ward no.40 PTI wins 2 seats, JUI-F also gets two, ANP snatches 1 whereas PML-N also takes 1 seat in Ghagra Tehsil 4 out 5 seats have been snatched by ANP in Khadokhel JUI-F wins all five seats in Mandanar Tehsil All four members in Bonair have been elected Pabbi: ANP s Mian Iftikhar arrested along with guard for killing PTI worker Tank: Independent candidate Zahir Shah wins election from ward 9 with 1406 votes Kurk: JUI-F s Hafiz Daud  wins election from ward 5 with 1200 votes Kurk: Independent Candidate Taj Malook wins election from ward 5 with 850 votes Upper Dir: JI s Mukhzn-ud-din wins election from ward 2 with 1727 votes 7: 50 Upper Dir: PTI s Shakir Ullah wins election from ward 12 with 1322 votes D.

Swat: PTI s Muhammad Bahadur wins elections after securing 1200 votes in ward 41.

Swat: PTI s Kishwar Ali wins elections after bagging 2330 votes in ward 5.

Nowshera: PTI s Haji Nosher wins election in ward 43 by grabbing 2210 votes.

Peshawar: Violation of 144, firing heard in various parts of city.

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Swat: ANP s Jan Zada wins elections in ward 31 after bagging 1013 votes.