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Last week, President Nicolas Maduro said the country had received a special shipment of drugs that will be sufficient to combat Zika, but did not specify what the shipment included.

The Health Ministry is advising the public to use bug spray, an item all but impossible to come by in Venezuela these days, and to clean out their tubs of standing water once a week.

As the family begged for immunoglobulin at state agencies, on local television channels and even at the presidential palace, their mother lost the ability to walk, speak, open her eyes and, finally, to breathe.

Earlier this month, Health Minister Luisana Melo invited sick Venezuelans to email requests for medicine to a state-run Gmail account.

The scale of what Venezuela is going through is unclear.

Officials alerted the World Health Organization to the first case of Zika here in November but did not release statistics or reach out to the public until two months later.

But in Venezuela, condoms and birth control pills are in extremely short supply, making it complicated for women to avoid pregnancy.

Doctors said the woman from the lowland state of Anzoategui needed intravenous immunoglobulin therapy, and sent her three children on a frantic two-week search for the medicine after they rushed her to Caracas.

Chronic shortages have left the country without insect repellent or contraceptives, leaving women unable to guard against pregnancy, not to mention sexual transmission of the virus.

(AP Photo/Fernando Llano) William Barrientos, a doctor and opposition lawmaker, says the socialist government is not equipped to confront a health crisis in a country where food and medicine shortages are acute, the economy is a shambles and a political crisis deepens by the day.

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Doctors have to rely on a clinical diagnosis based only on symptoms. Preventing the Zika virus' spread in the absence of a public campaign in a Venezuela where the health care system is near collapse means the people most at risk, the poor, don't even know about the epidemic.