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Think he was just trying to stay out of it in public. I don't think he has, I have never seen or heard him say this, if he really was straight wouldn't he say so at least once?He probably is affected by some of the more extreme shippers' actions and told shatner about them in private. He must think he's answering by dating blond girls?He also seems narcissistic, bland and a bit of a dummy.

They teased the Battle of Culloden, too, and all we got was Balfe made up like Mrs.Oh and now Shatner can't stop tweeting about Misha Collins. Hmmmm So, from reading through these threads, heis a tall,blond, blue eyed ,muscular hunk who's been acting for years and nobody sort of noticed and now he's been catapulted into adored by thousands status and travelled OS with his best bud, has aligned himself with someone really famous (good career move) and occasionally dates young, blonde starlets(maybe not such a good career move) and yet nobody on here or anywhere else in the world it seems, has really revealed anything riveting about this guy. Yes, it was embarrassing hearing him blathering potty language.He couldn't take his head out of his own ass for two seconds to focus attention on Heughan and maybe draw him out a bit. By most accounts, Sam is a nice, attractive, talented man with a hot body.comes out"[quote] What ex outed him, and what did his driver say? She has like 3k followers and Sam has almost 270k, who's using who? Look at that pics again, is she wearing Sam's shirt too? Don't let people use you"What's so funny is that the Cait/Sam fraus are in such a froth about MM that many don't seem to even care about the closet comments.It's like he can say it all and few of them even notice.

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But it is in the US and in the movie industry, so I don’t think anyone was shocked or upset that he’s decided to closet. It’s like Luke Evans 2.0.'Sam seems miserable in his tiny glass closet.