Christian dating standerds no cheater dating

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Christian dating standerds

And last, having something as big as your relationship with God in common with your partner makes the dating game a little bit easier for the both of you.

With the flood of emotions that dating and relationships bring, sticking to your boundaries and beliefs can be difficult.

I hope these Christian dating rules will help you out and something you can refer to.

If you would like additional tips for dating, check out our general dating tips page or our tips for the first date article. It is a great way to meet fellow Christians and possibly find some great dates.

Dating fellow Christians is a rule that comes directly from the bible.

It's perfectly possible to have a healthy, loving relationship while waiting until marriage to have sexual relations.

It may be difficult, but it is possible and is blessed by God.

So, you're a Christian single in the dating scene but you want to follow God's rules for dating, right?

Well, that is definitely easier said than done - especially when it's difficult to figure out what the Christian dating rules are in the first place.

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How we dress for our dates can also determine the level of temptation.