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Chronological dating new testament

I’ve used a number of sources for this article, but the bulk of this information can be found in the essays “General Introduction to the Bible” and “Introduction to the Books of the New Testament”, both found in the It’s hardest to answer the question, “When was the Bible written? In fact , their authorship spans a period of about twelve centuries!The individual books of the Old Testament were written at different times.Of course, the Bible contains many different books, written at different times by different people.

Early Christian Dates for the Birth of Jesus 146, IV. The Exile Calendar - Sixth to Fifth Century BCE 29, II. The Elephantine Papyri - Fifth Century BCE 32, III. The Length of the Administration of Pilate 170, III. The Departure of Pontius Pilate from Judea 166, II.

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Some are quite exact, while others are more approximate.