Completely free sex dating

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Completely free sex dating

So, I have a couple of rules with regards to this site and how I handle it.1. I have met some very nice women this year and been on some very nice dates - not one of which I met out here. I agree re: the email filter, but it's there and it works.I meet nice women by being active in the things I like to do in my life and being open to being in a relationship, not by flipping through profiles of women who may or have not been online for months. There is nothing any woman out here could say to me that would have the slightest effect on me and what the reality of my rather nice life is. You wish to bore us with your "assumptions" & "opinions."Not everyone is seeking same as you. I don't like that someone that doesn't qualify to email you can still select to "chat" with you.Just, You do realise that it would be just us men that would have to pay and not women because like you just said the ratio of men to women is maybe 5 to 1 at the very least!I can't afford to pay a monthy fee and neither can a lot of have the dosh then feel free to upgrade your profile but for the rest of us that do not have the dosh are happy to use a dating site that is free to use!

It would be good for men because those still on pof would have a better chance.Well you can pay if you want to, but I don't think it will change all that much.There will still be lots more men than women and that raises some interesting challenges. If you don't like the free one you have many alternatives.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I think there are several reasons for this, but pof could change its model to improve things. Free attracts an excessive number of men who are looking for easy sex.Pof has potential, but currently it doesn’t work well. This greatly discourages the women who are here, causing many to flee, and those who remain to become negative.

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There are just as many flakes on the paid sites as there are in here. :)The problem with a free site, yes it's popular but you get many fakers and idiot or even just people using it as "facebook2".

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