Confessions of a cougar dating younger men Pregnant sex chat rooms sign up and get free credits

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Confessions of a cougar dating younger men

Men should ask themselves the following questions: What kind of person am I? Because of her, I have the world's cutest granddaughter. I enjoy the most equal and intense relationship a man can have with a woman.As we mature, we seek a higher meaning and purpose in our lives.Bev's caring love gave me one of life's greatest gifts-the freedom to say what I was really thinking and feeling instead of what I should be thinking and feeling.I discovered that a mature woman can help a man explore his inner self, decide what he wants in life, and develop as a human being.I've been talking with couples like us, and time after time, younger men appreciate what older men don't." "Why are younger men interested in older women? "Come out with your hands up." "I'll never come out alive, copper," I hissed.

A man who clings to youth makes time his enemy-and time always wins.Their beauty is enhanced by an inner glow of accomplishment, independence, and self-assurance. "Finally," I thought, "A woman who wants me as much as I want her." Afraid that we'd awakened the entire inn, I asked, "What if someone calls the police?Gail Sheehy, the nation's expert on mid-life passages, notes, "Fifty is what 40 used to be; 60 is what 50 used to be." Like most women, Bev was concerned about loving a younger man. " she asked one afternoon, "Will you still love me? "I don't love you despite your age; I love you because of it. " "All right Olander, we know you're in there," Bev teased.Upon meeting Beverly, a good friend commented, "You'll always be a younger lover." He was more right than he knew. I never made love seven times in one weekend with a younger woman. When I first kissed Bev, a whole new world opened up to me. Middle-aged men are often plagued by an internal scorekeeper who assesses their sexual performance. There is only patience, intimacy and tenderness-the greatest aphrodisiac of all.Adventuresome young men were once advised to "Go West." Today, older women are the new frontier.

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With an older friend and lover, I found it easier to accept aging and to win the battles that were killing my contemporaries.

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