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The good news is you can increase your confidence to talk to men.

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While he might know what he’s good at, he knows what he’s bad at, too.

“A confident man recognizes not only his strengths, but weaknesses too.

He doesn’t necessarily think he’s the smartest guy in the room, but he realizes that he has something valuable to bring to the table, and sees life as a challenge that can help develop his talents.

Chlipala explains that there’s a healthy balance between availability and distance—and while some insecure guys might hide themselves away some, others will be clingy.

“[An insecure man] can continually seek closeness with his partner because it reassures him that she’s into him and reciprocates his feelings.” So, if he reacts badly when you’re looking to have some of your own space, take note.

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He knows his worth but can also be humble.” Insecure men, on the other hand, might have ambivalent feelings towards strengths or weaknesses.

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